Stinger by Mia Sheridan

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

When I first read the summary I was a little reticent about the plot.. I was thinking that there is going to be a lot of sex involved and not the kind that I enjoy, considering the author is referring to porn.. but guess what?? I was soooooooooo wrong..

I loved the book, the characters, loved that it managed to show me a little about this world, but not freaking me out. I loved the way the love story was created, the sweet lines between Grace and Carson.

I am not a believer in instant love, I prefer the slow burn version or the friend to lovers one. In this book, instant is on fast forward, the characters clicking from second 1.
The sex scenes were incredible and I think they were the most elaborated and intense from all of Mia’s books. I liked how they see a then and now from Stinger and Grace, him being the one who evolved more from my point of view..

From a famous porn star, without any desired of falling in love or making a living in others ways, to a man that managed to make a difference with the actions that he took. I admired him and was swept away by his strength and courage, by the twist his life took and how he embraced it, along like an opportunity of redemption.

Grace way a lovely heroine to read about, a smart and determined girl, who never managed to forger the one that got away. Her love for Stinger still lingered in her heart, although their time together wasn’t short, it was intense and could have lasted a lifetime.
Stingers’s and Grace chemistry was off the charts, but most off all they had the emotional connection that made their love last through time.

I love that Mia is using the flower motives again ( who read her books knows what I’m saying) and I especially liked the educational motives that she used.. She always has a plot with some secret ingredient that manages to get the story off it’s normal track and make it unique.
Have I mentioned that I love Mia Sheridan?? Maybe not as many times as she deserves.

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