Everything for Her by Alexa Riley

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

I spend a lot of time figuring out how many stars this books deserves. I was instantly mesmerized by the cover and thought the story will be awesome. Well, it was, but it wasn’t for me.

This is my first book by Alexa Riley and I don’t have anything bad to say about the writing style. I loved it. It was not boring, didn’t drag you along for chapters, always lets something to be discussed or interpreted, and had some pretty interesting characters.

The main plot revolves around Mallory and Miles “Oz” Osbourne. Since the moment he laid eyes on her, he fell in love with her sweet features, but for reasons that are not known to the reader only after a while, Miles kept his distance, becoming the man behind de curtain and tracing Mallory’s destiny, so than eventually, she will come to him. He eased her access to college and after graduating, obtained her an internship at his company. His plan is to seduce Mallory, making her his, but his identity will be kept secret for a while. He wanted her to love him because of his personality, of his charms and love towards her and after that revelling the truth. Read it and find out if his plan worked:)

So let me explain why the 3 stars.. Yes, only 3.. It didn’t feel real.. and when I read a book that seems too far of the fictional, I don’t connect with it. Mallory was ok for a heroine, sweet, young, wanting to prove she is worthy and that beside living in a foster home, she is smart and can make a future by herself. Love was not in her plans, until she meets Miles. Of course Miles is PERFECTION. He is smart, gorgeous, rich, with all the qualities a girl would want. But he only wants Mallory, because he is obsessed. Really obsessed and sometimes he freaked me out. He waited for her for 5 years, and now having her so close, he will not back down until making her fell for him. I liked his strategy up to a point, but after that, I believe he crossed the line.

I just couldn’t relate to the story and understand why he kept cultivating this obsession. His excessive jealousy, his desperation for her to answer texts on the spot ( at a certain point of the story I understood why he was so worried about her, but I wasn’t convinced he acted right), his desperation for her were out of this world. And Mallory saw this problems, but because of his charms closed her eyes and gave in to the temptation Miles represented. Yeah right, you don’t do that in real life.. You ask yourself if something is wrong with the person.. Oh well, maybe I was not in the perfect mood for absorbing this story.

I have to admit their love scenes were OMG, but even they were a little exaggerated at a certain point.. I know, maybe I’m being picky, but for a debut novel, it didn’t have the necessary imagination and consistency that I would want. It is really important for the reader to identity with the characters, but here, my way of thinking was opposite theirs. Maybe for the second book, Alexa will make some progress and manage to give it another turn, a more genuine and palpable one. Not to mention that my jaw dropped when reading the presentation for Ryan’s and Paige story.. I was not expecting that..

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