Love, Rosie… By Cecelia Ahern

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I have a week spot for best friends turn lovers books and after a friend recommended me this one, I was very curious to read it. I wanted something nice and easy, to just spend a weekend in bed reading.
This was my first book from Cecelia Ahern and after hearing so many amazing things about her, I had to crack the ice and see for myself.

Meet Rosie and Alex, 2 best friends that share with us their funny and sad moments. Why share? Because the book is made of letters, emails, notes and postcards! It was such an interesting thing in reading the story using this instruments and I was very excited to understand how Cecelia managed to make the reader understand the plot. It was very simple, with a natural flow to the story and a very well developed plot.


So, back to our characters. Rosie and Alex, 2 best friends since childhood, with a lot in common, who dream of a future together, as friends of course. Having spend the majority of their time together, they are used in sharing things and talking about anything. But, as time passes and they grow up becoming teenagers, their priorities will change as well, leaving to them having different paths. Alex dreams of becoming a doctor and Rosie wants to run her own hotel. In all this time they are apart to study, they keep in touch, by using letters and emails. I loved this thing that Cecelia brought for the readers, because it was an unique book for me. Never I have seen the plot to be constructed upon this written elements and it gave so much depth to the story, because they were intimate and genuine. Exactly like providing dual POV, but more detailed if it’s possible.

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As time passes, Alex and Rosie keep in contact, only to figure out how lonely they are without one another. They are so stubborn to realize how in love they are, even if they know each other since childhood. In a relationship, you first have to meet your friend, and after that the lover. So I wanted to strangle them much all of the book, because I knew that destiny would want them together. I wanted to see them accept their feelings and have a life together. Of course they will make mistakes and BIG ones that can’t be mended, but they will learn from them and manage to live with them.

This is a classic example of having the love of your life right in front of you, but being too blind, you are unable to reach out and take it. Rosie and Alex lived this experience and let me tell you that it truly hurt knowing they lost a lot of years not giving in to their instincts and feelings.

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  1. Loved your review, Ramona, and what we can to expect from this book. It sure sounds like a plot line I would enjoy and appreciate how it is presented to us through letters and emails. I too, can’t resist a good friends to lovers story 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear! It was very special for me because it was different. Maybe you will have time to read it as well and tell
      Me if i was right❤


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