Sweet Temptation by K.C.Lynn

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I am so happy I found this book considering the way I began the series. I enjoy very much the combination that K.C. brought us readers, a very exciting mix of action, love and humour and after reading several of her books, I just knew that this series will not be an exception.

The first book was not of my liking and I hoped Sawyer will change my mind. Well, he did:) The book was not extraordinary, but it was better than the first one, seemed more normal if you get what I mean. The hero was not that exaggerated in actions and personality and I enjoyed Sawyer more than I did Jax.

We all know Sawyer. He is gorgeous, funny, full of himself and overly narcisist. He served with Jax and Cade and lived the terrible experience of being held hostages and tortured. Now, he seems determined to start over and leave that nightmare behind. The moment he saw Grace, something inside him clicked and without even knowing it, he began to nurture feelings for her.

Grace is terribly shy, guarded and with a tragic past that left a mark on her. She is constantly scared, afraid of loving someone and most of all, trusting another man. Of course Sawyer managed to earn her trust, although he did some mistakes in the meantime. What was important for Grace was to feel safe, and he did this all the way. He protected her, kept her safe and when the time came, proved that he loved her immensely.

I have to admit I was smitten by Sawyer and his charming personality, even when I wanted to punch him sometimes. But even I trusted him, and I was convinced he will save the day and the girl. Not to mention teaching her some new things that will surely turn the temperature up.. even being able to cook a pie:))

I read this book with a  constant smile upon my face, because the dialogues were so funny and inteligent and I just loved the chemistry this heroes had. I only gave it 4 stars because again like in the first book, it was kind of predictable and I just knew ahead that some things will happen. Maybe I just read a lot of book and I am familiar with various scenarios, but I just knew:)

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