The Power- Titan Volume 2 by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 5/5 Stars

I think I managed to convince everybody how much I love this series and the second instalment was exactly what I needed. Jennifer is amazing as a Romance author and she rocks at Paranormal. When you put those together, you get this type of book, full of action, steamy romance, a lot of research behind it and so much humour to go with it.

I will not detail very much the whole plot, just that things have changes for Seth and Josie. Their relationship evolved so much and because of this, we get more drama!!! Yes, steamy and anguishing drama that made we want to punch this two but also cry with them. So, Josie is now 100% full demi god charged battery and she needs to learn how to use her powers. Seth is there for her, until he makes a stupid mistake that kind of makes all the plot to sideways.

He is not thinking now for himself ( that’s a first), but puts Josie’s protection first. Have I mentioned drama? Yes. A lot.. Their relationship will be tested by trust, love, anger, past deeds and we will have to see if they will make it and prove to us that no matter the things you have done in the past, you deserve to be loved:)

Another important aspect is the search for the others demi-gods. An important part of the book will be dedicated to this search, when new characters will meet new ones and we will be absolutely delighted. There will be action, suspanse, tears and you will keep hanging until the end.

There will be OMG moments, steamy and FINALLY scenes, funny ones and annoying ones, but our characters are far from perfect. I could identity an evolution in both Seth and Josie, both as individuals and in couple.


Josie will have her moments, she will be vulnerable, hurt, but also bad ass and strong. I like this duality in her because I could relate to much to her personality. She wasn’t afraid to be fragile, to cry and I loved her for the courage to not lose herself even in this absolute mess of new world she is in. She will face a new challange and her heart will lead her all the way, which was fantastic for me.

Seth was another story, but I understood him and although there were times when I wanted to punch him, I knew he was doing the best he could under the circumstances. Seth Now Vs Seth Past are 2 totally different characters and I could feel a change in him, even if many people gave up on him and just marked him for what he did. Hell, he was the first one to condemn himself for it:)

Their relationship is special, a young girl who gives her heart unconditionally to a boy that believes he is not worthy. Time will tell us if that was a safe bet or Josie made a wrong choice.

Imagini pentru josie and seth

From my POV I can tell you that she was was right. Eveeeen if I have to admit there were times when I liked Aiden and I thought who would I’ve chosen in the Covenant Series, Seth is really a great guy, that deserves to be loved and have a second chance. I am totally Team Josie for her faith in him, even if there will be times when Seth will be Seth and screw up immensly, but we will still love him:)

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