The Struggle – Titan Volume 3 by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 5/5 Stars

I want to start by telling you that this is my favorite book from the series. If in the first one I got accustomed to the characters and scenario, in the second one I was well accommodated and ready for action. For what I was not ready was book 3… It blew me away!!!!! So, to calm down, I will explain myself.

“The Struggle” is exactly how the title tells us: a struggle to breath, to not lie in bed all day and read until your eyes hurt from exhaustion. It is by far the most complex and dynamic, with a lot of changes and developments for our dear friends here.

To not spoil something, let’s just say that nothing is like it was in book 3, and Josie and Seth will grow so much together. Nevertheless, it will make sense to use “God” and Seth in the same sentence.

As I mentioned before, I am Team Josie. I liked her vulnerability but also her strength and loyalty. She was so keen on helping Seth, on being there for him no matter what and that thing made me admire her strongly. She will also experience a lot during this book, that will test her will and faith, but let’s just say in the end the readers are going to be very surprised about what the future holds for her.

Seth, as usual had my heart in 2 different places. There were times when I wanted to punch him and times when I loved him. No different situation than in the previous books and I hope he will not change, because really, I loved him this way. A hero can’t be perfect. I don’t like heroes that are out of this world perfect and with unhuman qualities. Yes, Seth is special, but I liked his duality and changing in attitude. I also liked how he matured and discovered a purpose in life: to love and protect Josie.

Be warn that this book will leave you OMG! Things will happened, destinies will be change and just be prepare for a looong hiatus until March 2018. Yap.. You thought things with Jennifer are easy? No my dear readers, as you know, you may only think that everything is fine and dandy, but just wait until the last pages. No spoiler, just a warning:)


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