We Love… Ian Gregson from Splendor by Janet Nissenson

a70ff342f12b46687f5c72df34d5f188After my first interview was loved by you guys, I figured it doesn’t hurt to keep going with them and see if you’ll ever get tired of me and my awesome ideas:) So, for the second one I’ve chosen Janet’s Ian Gregson from “Splendor” because my romantic side can’t resist a modern time Prince Charming. I loved him with Tessa, his devotion and love being something all girls dream to have. If you haven’t read this book yet, please do, because you are about to add another book-boyfriend to your list. Hope you’ll enjoy this one 🙂 

Ramona: First of all, how are you Ian? Anything nice you want to share with us?

Ian: I’m very well, thank you.  Tessa and the children and I have just returned from a ten day stay, a combination of business and vacation, in Hawaii, and will be spending the Fourth of July holiday up at our beach house. 

Ramona: How was Ian Gregson growing up?

Ian: Very studious and serious, I’m afraid, though I also enjoyed playing sports.  My brothers and I all attended boarding school once we were old enough, but we were very close to our parents and the rest of our family.  I had a wonderful childhood, and enjoyed the benefits of belonging to a family who owned a worldwide chain of luxury hotels.

Ramona: What do you like doing besides business and spending time with your family? 

Ian: With four small children running around the house, there isn’t much free time nowadays!  I still make time several days a week to work out at the gym or swim, and when there’s some quiet time I like to read or watch soccer or tennis on TV. 

Ramona: Did you experienced a life changing  event that made you the man you are today? 

Ian: When our first child – Gilly – was born it made me realize that nothing is as important as family.  I had already begun to scale back my workload but after she was born I started delegating more tasks so that I could spend as much time as possible with my wife and daughter.

56f566c2acfd692946282839a3fd8f7f--summer-haircuts-cute-haircutsRamona: What was the first think that crossed your mind when seeing Tessa? 

Ian: I remember thinking “at last”, meaning that I had finally met a woman who could possibly be the one for me.

Ramona: Were there times during Tessa’s marriage when you thought of opening up to her and letting her know how you feel? 

Ian: Many times, yes. But I never followed through on those urges, I suppose due to my upbringing where I was always taught to be a gentleman and mind my manners. 

Ramona: What would you have done if Tessa wouldn’t return your feelings? Would you had kept her around as a friend only to be close to her? 

Ian: I wouldn’t have given up quite that easily, I’m afraid!  I would have embarked on an all-out campaign to win her over.  But if it had turned out that she truly didn’t have feelings for me, I probably would have found a way to transfer her to a different work location.  It would have been too difficult to see her every day and I wouldn’t have been able to move on.

Ramona: Do you believe society criticizes age difference relationships? Have you ever felt people look at you differently because you are older than Tessa? 

Ian: I think society unfortunately looks at relationships where the woman is older than the man in a very different light than the other way around.  When Tessa and I first began seeing each other I was very sensitive about the age difference, especially when I introduced her to my family for the first time.  But she was so insistent that it didn’t matter in the least that eventually I stopped caring so much about what other people might think.  Now all people have to do is see how happy we are and how much in love and wish that they were half as content as we are.

Ramona: How did your marriage changed you? 

Ian: It made me learn how to relax and enjoy life more, and to appreciate everything that I have.  Before I met my wife, work was the primary focus of my life.  My marriage, along with my children, are now the most important parts of my life by far.

22517542Ramona: How is fatherhood? Do you spoil your kids the way you spoil your wife? 

Ian: Fatherhood is the most wonderful experience of my life – not to mention the most exhausting!  My children have given me untold hours of joy and I cherish every minute I get to spend with them.  Tessa and I have been very careful not to spoil them too much, and they’re actually very good about not asking for things.  We want them to know how fortunate they are to have the sort of life they live, and to have compassion for those less well off than they are.

Ramona: What advice would you give to young men that are in love but too afraid to express their feelings?

Ian: Simply that life is too short to waste even a minute of it being alone, so let the woman you love know every day how much you care for her 🙂 

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