Grievous by J.M. Darhower

My rating: 5/5 Stars

I am so happy I’ve found this series and so thankful to J.M.Darhower for crafting these amazing characters which connected so effortlessly with my feelings.  I loved every minute of this book and waited anxiously for the end, because I knew it will be something different and not the average HEA we romance lovers crave every time.

“Grievous” is far more alert and complex than “Menace” because it settles another pace, with a lot of action and breathtaking moments. Our favorite heroes, Morgan and Lorenzo have a common goal now and they will face every danger possible to make it happen. Their connection is different now, more intense and deeper, and throughout the plot, you will see them evolve into something else, which will make you giggle big time.

Morgan is in desperate search for her daughter, Sasha, and will have Lorenzo’s help to do it. We will find out why she did all those things she did in “Menace” and everything will come in place nicely. She is one of the toughest heroines I have stumbled upon and like every minute of her interaction with Lorenzo, because her feelings were mirroring his. Having that kind of life, Morgan was never in love and this was as close as she’s ever been to a man, emotionally speaking. I liked the way she handled her feelings for him, but always putting her daughter first. She was fierce, devoted and strong, really winning my admiration. She is not your average good and flawless heroine, but she really kicked ass in different situations, making her resilient and admirable.


Lorenzo is not you typical hero, he is exactly the opposite, but despite that, you can’t stop loving him. He was so funny and so atypical, blowing me away with his charms and unique personality. His obsession with Star Wars made me laugh so hard various times and his jokes were amazingly written. He was a bad ass and I loved him with Morgan. There was a scene at the end when he realises the magnitude of his feelings for her that made me gasp. It was fabulous and it shows you that even an extremely bad boy/murderer can be brought to his knees by love.

The book was better than “Menace” because it had more OMG moments, more intense ones and more reveling scenes that just played with your mind. And as a plus, the relationship between the characters was more mature and interesting to follow, because you could feel their evolution and deeper connection. Truly recommend this series because it was awesome and different, with complex characters that were put in place by amazing plot and action.


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