On Dublin Street by Samantha Young


My rating: 5/5 stars

“The Dublin Street” series is one of the best Romance series I have ever read and come to think of it, my appetite for this genre was awaken by this specific series. Samantha Young is amazing, not only because none of the books are alike in plot and characters, but she builds this unity and surrounds her characters with love and affection. “The pack” as she calls it is so dear to my heart and I don’t think that any other family would top it, because every story was unique and brought the family closer together with each happening.

The first book gives the title of the series, “On Dublin Street” and deals with one of the most intense and volcanic couple, Joss and Braden. From the very beginning I loved them and considered their story as unique.

Jocelyn “Joss” Butler was born in the States but after a tragedy that left her without her family, she moves to Edinburgh to start over. As you might figure out, she has zero interested in making friends or fall in love, but things will change dramatically once she moves into a fantastic apartment on Dublin Street and her room mate’s brother takes interest in her. The moment Braden sees her, he wants her and be sure that he will succeed in his attempt.

From this moment on, Joss will fight hard to stay away from Braden, because she feels it too.. The connection, the attraction, the passion and the desire to be loved, cherished and owned. Their relationship will begin as a physical one, but will develop into something more, but things will become complicated along the way because of Joss’s insecurities and fears. She will give in eventually, but our hero here will work a lot to show her the future they can have together.

This books is a rollercoaster of emotions not only because of the love story between the main characters. There are more deeper things explored here, like the loss Joss suffered, the way she coped with it and the way she is letting other people see her vulnerable and hurt. Her evolution will be remarkable and when all the walls will come falling down, you will be extremely satisfied because you’ve just read an amazing life lesson.

Braden is the total alfa guy, intense, gorgeous, determined, with a purpose in life. He fights for the people he loves, he is territorial, with a great temper, but just the perfect hero to save the broken girl. I really loved him in relationship with Joss, but also with his family and friends, that will be the base of the “pack” I mentioned above. Together they will be as one, and I loved the construction of this amazing bond.

I totally recommend this book because it has everything to make you cry, laugh and blush. Such complexity in one book and when you know that things are just getting started, because you have a whole series to discover, your excitement only grows stronger.


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