Wait for you by J.Lynn

My rating: 5/5 stars 

J.Lynn or Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of the best authors out there right now and by far, the most complex, because she can write almost everything in a flawless manner. Who can actually have 2 pen-names and nail it every single time? Add Jennifer to your list:)

By the name of J.Lynn she developed such an amazing series, with important issues and adorable couple that just stick with you a long time. The first story belongs to Avery and Cam and I know you will love them to death, because Avery’s innocence and Cam’s hotness are hard to forget and bond perfectly to create an amazing story.


Avery wants to leave behind a traumatic past that hunted her every minute of her life. After being left out by her family, she just wants to start over and maybe one day, forget. Without the love of her parents and true support in dramatic situations, Avery was almost all her life alone. She enters a new college and things will change when she will meet a blue eye boy called Cameron, the star and hottie of all the school. Girls want him and boys want to be him, but Cameron is very laid back and natural with this status. He likes Avery a lot and he feels she is keeping something important. What at the beginning was a puzzle needed to be put together, developed into something more, and slowly, Cam and Avery will fall in love. That love will be questioned by Avery’s demons and inability of letting go, which will challenge their feelings and create a lot of drama for the couple.

Avery was a great heroine for me and I love her mix of naivety and vulnerability. She was so guarded, but also so eager to feel something new, intense. Even if her chemistry with Cameron was off the charts, she was extremely cautious in having more than a friendship with him, because she was afraid of losing his respect. This element that Jennifer inserted in the book has fantastic but it kind of outraged me in the same time, because no victim of assault or harassment must feel guilty for anything that happened to them. Avery felt dirty and ashamed, this feelings harvested by her family and lack of love.


Cameron was awesome and one of the best boyfriend from this genre. He was very patient, loving and kind. I liked that the exterior matched the interior and his gentleness towards Avery was heart melting. He knew something was not right with her, and even if there were time when he wanted to find out the truth, he considered that showing Avery how he felt was more important than telling her. This slow burn romance was amazing and Cameron won the gold medal for patience and awesomeness because he managed to pull Avery out of her shell and show her what an amazing girl she is, worthy of love and everything in between.

This story is very touching, with a great message behind it and I know you will love the couple. A very intense and steamy story, about second chances, loving yourself and taking chances in order to be happy again. Oh and yes, a story about turtles, cookies and astronomy lessons 🙂

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