Stay with me by J.Lynn

My rating: 5/5 stars

Once you get a bite of the forbidden fruit, you develop this addiction that makes you read Jennifer’s series in a flash!! This happened to me and I loved every minute of every story because they are nothing alike, except the awesomeness that binds them.

“Stay with me” is the third installment and follows Calla, Teresa and Avery’s friend. Calla is very different from her friends and the situations she will be put in are different, making her a very fierce heroine, but also vulnerable and sweet.

Calla always lived wearing a mask and she didn’t revel her true colors to anyone, not even to Teresa and Avery. She had an accident as a child that left her with a scar on her cheek and because of this, she is ashamed of her physical appearance. She wears make- up a lot, but she also hides her true self. She is very shy, never shared a kiss with a boy, never enjoyed herself in the true way of the word. Everything changes when she hears about her mom and she is forced to return to her home town, a place she wants to forget more than anything. Here she will meet Jax, who is running her mom’s local business, a diner. They hit it off immediately, but as I’ve mentioned before, Calla is very shy and Jax can be extremely intimidating when he want to. And guess what? He wants Calla 🙂


Jax and Calla have an amazing chemistry and development in their relationship. Calla has been through a lot in her life and I felt extremely sorry for her about what happened to her. Jax was there for her and really made a mission in life to change her perspective upon life and priorities. He shows her how to accept herself and just let go everything clouding her future, and believe me, she faced some serious traumas. He made her believe in her beauty as well, embrace her physical imperfections and live proud with them, a mark of how brave she was and the amazing development she had. Fantastic right? Calla will bloom in Jax arms, but the road is very hard and with a lot of obstacles and secrets when places never thought about before.

I have to admit that the plot was more alert and had a slightly dangerous vibe to it. There were particular moments when I was really scared and feared the worst for our characters. But after drawing the line, the story was very complex and had everything I needed to mark it with 5 stars.

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