Fall with me by J.Lynn

My rating: 5/5 stars 

The love and adoration for this series continues with “Fall with Me”, the forth installment and from my POV, the most intense and action packed of them all. Roxy and Reece were a very solid couple, with a steamy history and kind of second chances element into it, but I loved them. Their story made me gasp until the last page and Jennifer took this series to a new level, with a darker and more intense twist.

Roxy has been in love with Reece since she was 15 years old and a drunk one night stand with him was everything she needed to fuel that fire more. But after that passionate night, Reece doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing a relationship with her, leaving Roxy heartbroken. She finally manages to put behind this unrequited love and try to move forward, but things will become dangerous for her when a very crazy person will go after her and the Police will be involved. Reece’s protective side will kick in and in the meantime, he will realize the fool he was for letting Roxy go.


The story is extremely action packed and with a lot of twist. It was by far the most complex and breathtaking, because it delivered a lot of surprised which leave you gasping. I loved Jennifer style and originality and the way the crafted Roxy. Reece was not particularly fantastic, but Roxy was so funny, so artistic and so head in the clouds girl. She was also brave and independent, things that made you want to get to know her better.

One big bonus for this book was having the gang all together again and seeing them in action. I just love this sense of unity and the way they love and keep each other safe. From my POV this is one of the best Romance series out there and I just hope Jennifer will keep on writing stories like this, because they are so gooood, you become addicted and don’t want it to end.

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