Forever with You by J.Lynn

My rating: 5/5 stars 

I loved this book so much that I’ve even got it on paperback 🙂 “Forever with You” follows Stephanie and Nick on their epic journey to one night stand lovers to parents… I know, major spoiler, but I can’t help it. This book was very different from others, not because it had some action of twisted plot, but because it had a great message behind it. Personally, I loved it so much and considered it atypical for this series.

The two barely know each other but after the passionate night their shared, things will change. Even if they used protection, Stephanie ends up pregnant with Nick and the two decide to keep the baby. For those who are not familiar with the connections with the previous books, Stephanie is kind of an outsider, but will be integrated into the team after this happenings with Nick. She also was included in “Wait for Me” and as you all know, she did kind of annoying things that didn’t won the readers sympathy. For our characters this is a very huge change, considering Nick was a playboy and Stephanie a very non-friendly character.


Why I loved it? I loved the idea of two strangers being bonded by a pregnancy and in the process falling in love. I loved that even without experience, or a lot of money, they wanted to have the baby. I loved that they began to discover each other and realized that not only the baby was the unity element, but the things they shared together and the love between them. The plot follows them and even if some unexpected things occur, Nick and Stephanie were awesome together, a couple that made mistakes, but found their missing piece in the most curious circumstances. Their future seems very promising and I hope Jennifer will tell their story further, in the next book, maybe?

I know that maybe this scenario was very “soap-opera” -ish, but my addiction to them and love for this series managed to win me over and made me a dying fan. “Wait for Me” series hits the most sensitive parts of my heart and I totally recommend it to every Romance lover out there. You can possible call yourself Romance lovers if you haven’t read at least one book from this series 🙂


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