Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

1400676070graffitimoonram-300x250My rating: 4/5 stars

YA books are always my life jackets and my escape from stress and worries. When I want a quiet read, with a little happy infusion, I know this genre will help me. I’ve chosen “Graffiti Moon” by Cath Crowley, because I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about it and I wanted to give this story a go for it. It was something new for me, the book having a strong message and a very unique plot.

Lucy is our beloved heroine, an artist that lacks confidence but has great potential. At the age of 17, she is discovering herself, as an individual, but as an artist as well. High school is officially over and everybody wants to celebrate, including our Lucy. The plot’s timeline is very short, only 24 hours and describes Lucy going after a mysterious artist that managed to catch her attention. She has a crush on “Shadow”, a graffiti artist, and she is convinced their destiny is to be together… She goes in search for him, but not alone, but with Ed, a “special” friend of hers.

Lucy and Ed are very alike, but it will take some time for them to figure it out. She is very confused, insecure, with a temper and an eye for details. I have to admit she annoyed me for this.. She tries to find explanations to very simple things, and doesn’t see what’s clearly in front of her!! I wanted to copy her dreamy personality and maybe see if I could be like her, return to the age of 17 and dream big.

Ed has an ugly past, full of worries for his brother and mother. He is always last in the line of priorities, his family always coming first. He has a well kept secret, but he will help Lucy in finding her soul-mate, even if his mind is not into it, having bigger problems to solve.

tumblr_mlvq0wrM5v1qfxjj3o1_500Although, at the beginning, the 2 of them had some minor incidents and don’t like each other much, while having this 24 hours adventure, they realise they are not so bad, almost bearable beings. She opens up a lot to Ed, she confides in him, and Ed trust her and tells her his most priced secret. I also liked the secondary characters, they were very funny, colorful and cheerful, complementing our crazy couple and adding more joy in the mix..

The penmanship was amazing, lyrical, with a lot of poems and visual details, that blended well with all the paintings and artistic concept of the book. “Graffiti Moon” is a special book, which encourages you to dream and act, no matter your age. I totally recommend it for YA lovers but not only. It will teach you to love art and to express your opinions using whatever you are good at, maybe a piece of glass or a canvas. The bike ride scene was amazing and tops my  favorite moments.


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