Racer by Katy Evans

My rating: 4/5 stars

All this series from Katy just leaves you breathless and super addictive. Once you finish a book, you have to get your hands on the other. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that constant and haven’t read the books in a particularly order, still have the last 2 books until Racer went live. Soooo, wish me luck:) BUT, after reading Racer, I am not sorry I skipped the order and rushed to read it, because it was a thrilling experience to say the least.

Racer Tate is Remy and Brook’s son and Katy is giving us his story, which I might say so myself, is mirroring his fathers, with some slightly different elements. As his name tells us, Racer is a born racer, loving cars and adrenaline. Because he wants that to be a constant in his life, he is into illegal car racing, making some money in the process, but most important, loving the thrill and the vibe of speed and danger.

Lana dedicated her life to her brothers and father, being the PR of their F1 team. Having financial problems and no driver, she is determined to find someone who can get back the team’s old glory. She stars with going talent scouting and ends up damaging Racers car in the process. After getting to know him and his talent, Lana proposes Racer to be their team’s driver and see if he will manage to restore their faith and bring an extra thrill to driving an F1 car. Racer agrees like in an instant, and the 2 of them will have to learn how to be profesional and in the mean time, get their hands off each other, because the moment they met, something sparked.


The book can be described by using 1 word: INTENSE. There is no other way of putting it and I sincerely believed it was a rephrase of “Real” + “Mine” in one book.   Racer is Remy’s younger version, intense, fast, determined and with obsesive tendencies. Once laying his eyes on Lana, he knew she was the one, the girl who won his heart and the one who will marry him. This determination made this plot sound like “Get the girl”, because Racer used all his charms to make Lana fall hard for him. He also inherited Remy’s disease, Racer being bipolar. Now the contrast appears.. He will fight for Lana, but he knows that not everybody is willing to put up with his problems, wanting sometimes to push her away. Lana will have to decide if she is willing to accept Racer with all his baggage, making love their only tool of coping with this conditions. 

I liked Lana a lot, because she was the typical girl that fell hard for a boy and accepted him with everything good and bad. She was consumed by this love, by Racer’s intensity, but once embracing it, he became her whole world. She lost her love some years ago and was reluctant to love again, focusing all her strength and attention on her team and family. But once Racer entered her life, it was impossible to get away, because once you love him, you can’t let go.

The book was intense and extremely hot, with some interesting and original scenes I’ve never stumbled upon. I liked the correspondence it had with “Real” and in the way the father’s story mirrored his son’s. It focuses on family relationship, on Racer and Lana intensity and on the way Racer disease is accepted and controlled. I liked the social message and awareness Katy raised for bipolar, because after just looking a little, I’ve found out that almost 6 milion Americans suffer from it and battle with its symptoms every day..


  1. I love that she focuses on bi polar aspects because its so very real. I am in love with Remy though. Probably one of the best CR I have ever read so I just started Racer and hope I love it as much as you have!! Lovely review darling.

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  2. I am very curious to hear your opinion! Drop a comment after finishing it, or send me a link with your review:D But i know you will love it:D


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