Hardpressed by Meredith Wild

3034My rating: 4/5 stars

Well, that’s more like it:D I hate to admit that my first meeting with the “Hacker” series was not extremely fortunate, because I thought something was definitely missing, but after reading the second book I’ve decided to continue giving the series a try, because after the events from this one, it began to grow on me.

So,  the title “Hardpressed” describes the book precisely, being a very good combination of drama, treason, love and some other “hard” things. I loved the way the plot progressed and even if there were some soup opera-ish scenes, it was better than the first book.

Erica and Blake are a couple now, but they are constantly trying to find a balance, being extremely different, Erica=independent and Blake=control freak. With this unique trademarks, their relationship is intense and confusing, because one moment they are happy and the next they are screaming at each other. Now that Erica managed to get the funding necessary for her business, Clozpin, everything seems back on track, but ghosts from the past will enter her life and threaten everything she loves. It will be up to her to take a decision and try to protect her loved ones, even making sacrifices on the way.

It sound like a soap opera right? It had it moments, but they were OK… Erica is still not my favorite, because she tends to over-analyze so many things, making them more complicated and turning everything into a drama. There will be a part in this book were she will have to take an unwanted decision, but from my POV it was not necessary. She is used of handling things alone and tends to leave Blake aside, but she has to learn to trust him and decide things as a couple. She says she is not used to be told around, but she has that tendency of keeping certain things for her and I didn’t like it, especially having Blake by her side, who will do anything to protect and keep her out of harm’s way. Her trust issues are her worst flow and will determine a lot of drama in this book.

Blake is still the central piece of the book, even if the plot might annoy you sometimes, you will love him no matter what. Even with his dominant tendencies and control issues, he is still breathtaking and a total alfa male. I really liked him and consider him a very powerful character, that definitely stands out VS other heroes from books of this genre. He is more straightforward than Erica, even if he has a past of his own, I could read him better and understand his motives better than Erica’s. Don’t get me wrong, Blake has his fare share of complexity, but he is more lovable that the heroine because he has something else, feels completely different.

As a reader I could totally see the different between the first book and this one. It was more mature, even if Erica has a lot of growing up to do, but our couple is stronger and even if the road so far has been hard, they love each other do death. You are really impacted by their feelings and connection and I believe it is one of the most important aspects from this book to take with you in the next chapter. They will fight  a lot, argue, yell, but also be there for each other and consolidate their relationship. I really think you will like this one and be more eager to start book 3:)

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