We Love… Archer Hale from “Archer’s Voice” by Mia Sheridan

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I am super excited to share with you this interview and the reasons are various. First, it’s Mia Sheridan, second is ARCHER and third, but not least, this interview was drafted together with my buddy Sophie, from Beware of the Reader. I am so fond of this one and all you guys who read “Archer’s Voice” know the reason behind my enthusiasm and joy. Hope you enjoy this next minutes with the wonderful Archer Hale.

Ramona&Sophie:  To begin with, how are you and Bree doing?

Archer: We’re doing great. Life is busy with three young kids, but I cherish every moment of a life I never imagined I’d have.

Ramona&Sophie: How did life as a father changed you?

Archer: It brought a lot of laughter into my life. A lot of joy. There are moments of frustration, too, but I know what it’s like to live a solitary life, and I’d take the craziness and frustration of family over loneliness any day.

Image result for archer's voice quotesRamona&Sophie: What would you like your kids to learn from you?

Archer: Not to judge a book by its cover. And that everyone has a story – learn a person’s story before you judge them. I hope they’re people that will go out of their way to include everyone.

Ramona&Sophie: Do you believe that “I love you” has to be spoken in order to feel real?

Archer: Definitely not. It’s nice to hear, but love has to be a verb for it to feel real.

Ramona&Sophie: Among all the pain, the guilt and the tragedy what gave you comfort? What gave you hope and solace?

Archer: The memory of what it felt like to be loved once. I don’t know that I had the hope I’d feel that again, but the memory of it gave me comfort, the knowledge that I’d once been cared for.

Image result for archer's voice quotesRamona&Sophie: You were ignored by everyone. Do you think it makes you more compassionate in life in general?

Archer: I hope so. I definitely think I’m apt to take a closer look at people because I was once someone who felt invisible. And I hope I can pass those lessons on to my children.

Ramona&Sophie: What’s the first thought that crossed your mind when you saw Bree for the first time?

Archer: That she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. My reaction to her scared me because I didn’t think I’d ever, in a million years, attract someone like her.

Ramona&Sophie: What were your exact feelings when Bree cut your hair?

Archer: Hope. I hoped that she’d like what she saw and that she’d want to stay, to get to know who I was.

Image result for archer's voice quotesRamona&Sophie: How would you describe Bree? What does she mean to you? What have you learn from her?

Archer: She’s the most compassionate, loving person I’ve ever known. She’s strong and brave and she loves with her entire heart.

Ramona&Sophie: While being in the hospital, after the shooting incident, what in your opinion made you pull thought?

Archer: Bree. 100%. The knowledge that Bree was waiting for me made me fight to live.

Ramona&Sophie: Besides Thor, have you seen any other superheroes movies that caught your interest?

Archer: I’ve seen all of them now! I take my boys – it’s our thing.

Image result for archer's voice quotesRamona&Sophie: Have you ever thought of helping others just like you?

Archer: We support many charities for hearing impaired children, but aside from that, we hope that we are raising kids who are compassionate people who won’t hesitate to embrace the person who’s been left out or ignored. And we hope by sharing our story, it inspires others to take a second look at someone they might have otherwise passed by.

Ramona&Sophie: Do you feel different from others around your or just special?:)

Archer: I don’t know that I feel either anymore. The town has really made it so that I just feel normal. Which is all I’ve ever wanted.

Ramona&Sophie: Do you regret doing something and want to take it back?

Archer: I regret letting Travis manipulate me. I knew in my heart he couldn’t be trusted at the time and I didn’t listen to my own gut. But that was a learning experience too – learning to trust myself.

Ramona&Sophie: Want to share something with the readers? 

Archer: I’m filled with gratitude that my story has touched so many people and overwhelmed by all the love Bree and I have received. I couldn’t be more thankful to all of those who have shared my journey.


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