The Terms Duet vol.1 & vol.2 by Ruby Rowe

My rating: 4 stars

I decided it’s best to write a review about the whole series, trying to highlight some important aspects from book 1 and book 2, but believe me, you have to read the duet in order to get the big picture here.

So, in book 1 we meet Camilla, a young woman who works in a bar to support her baby boy and sister. After hearing that the father of her child, Tony, died, she attends his funeral and leaves him his picture, because they never got to meet in person. There, she meets Ellis, his big brother, who through blackmail, convinces Camilla to take her son and move in with him. She resists first, because she knew from Tony that Ellis is a very dangerous and unpredictable man and doesn’t want her family to be near him. But she doesn’t have a choice in this matter… The luxury Ellis is accustomed to is very different than the conditions Camilla was brought up, but she never craved to be rich, she just wanted a peaceful life with her boy Liam and her sister Sasha. She will slowly discover another side of Ellis that will be impossible to resist and soon Camilla will face a hard decision, because everything she believed she knew about him will came tumbling down. She will slowly fell in love with him and discover an entirely different person.

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The first book is packed with tension, intensity and a very romantic love story that will bloom in the second book in something unique and irresistible. I liked Camilla’s attitude, the way she raised Liam and took care of her sister, constantly being second place in her life. Although Ellis was very intense and strange at the beginning, he will open up to Camilla and realize he could be a better person besides her. Their love for little Liam will unite them even further and when secrets are revealed, their relationship will be heavily tested.

The first book ends in a cliffy, a very shocking one, but without modesty, I have to say that I figured it out!!!!!!!!! I was very proud when realising I was right. My only problem with the second book was that my attention was diverted from Camilla and Ellis to Greyson, Ellis cousin, and Sasha, Camilla’s sister. They ar the second couple from the series and I loved them. Greyson is committed to marry a girl he doesn’t love only because they families want to merge their fortunes, but having Sasha in his life will change everything. Sasha was a history with drugs and abusive behaviour, so she will need somebody to trust and never hurt her again. “The Terms vol.2” will shows us their development and by the end of the book we will see if they are meant to be.

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In conclusion, a very complex and entertaining story, with interesting and different characters, that will truly give you some powerful life lessons. The suspense and twists are not to miss, also the romantic scenes that were steamy and very well written. I truly enjoyed the development of the characters and the closure they got after such a long ride. I know you will love it as well:)


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