Listen to Me by Kristen Proby

22607787My rating: 4/5 stars

I really love Kristen Proby because her books are extremely refreshing and with a very familiar vibe. You become extremely addictive to the plot and characters and you begin to want to know more about this universe she built within her books.

I enjoyed so much The Boudreaux Series and last week I actually wanted something light and funny to keep me up all night, so I chose another one of her series to see if it does the trick for me again. It actually worked, because I am planning to continue the series.

So, “Listen to Me” is the first book from The Fusion Series and here we meet Jake and Addie, 2 extremely different characters who try to leave their pasts and fears behind in order to start over.

Addie had a lot of bad luck in love, experiencing broken heart issues mainly with artists/ musicians. After dozens of this episodes, she finally learns a lesson and try to not mingle with this type of men. So she is determined to ignore the gorgeous Jake that wants to play in her fancy restaurant “Seduction”. Jake is not in the spotlight anymore, but his love for music is still very much alive. When Addie gives him the opportunity to continue doing what he loves in her restaurant, he is there in a second, but also extremely attracted to her.

You know what I liked about the characters? They were very easy to relate to and normal. They didn’t have a complex past, with tragic things that had to be discovered. Addie had trust issues, beginning with her love life and ending with her parents, and this made her vulnerable and very hard to trust someone again completely. Jake made some mistakes in his life and payed the consequences, and because of a certain period in his life, he believed that he couldn’t be loved, that everybody around him gets hurt. He also stop singing and focused more on producing, but his mind was constantly at his first love. They will learn to trust each other, to leave their past behind and open their hearts in order to have a future together.

This book is perfect if you want something sexy, adorable, light and funny. I like the focus Kristen puts on family and friends, on unity and trust. It is very important while reading a book to have good examples of friendship, of a good environment, because in this way you can aspire to have it in your life as well. I think that by default, you will like to be closer to your friends, to be more successful, to follow your dreams and pursue a goal. It made me more ambitious and showed me how normal people can manage something through ambition and dedication.

I loved the good vibe this book gave me and this encouraged me to continue this series, because there are a lot of characters there that are worthy and I’ll think they will provide us with excellent stories down the road.

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