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(RO) Acesta este primul meu articol din rubrica Books+Make up si vreau sa il inaugurez cu un brand drag mie, Cupio. Acesta este un brand romanesc, lansat in 2012, care a capatat faima si notorietate aproape imediat de la lansarea sa. Pentru Cupio, femeia este cea mai importanta si prin produsele sale incearca sa le dea sansa la incredere in sine, prin folosirea unor produse de calitate, meninte sa le scoata calitatile in evidenta. Pana in prezent, Cupio are mai mult de 10.000 de produse in portofoliu, 10 magazine, un site online si 9 sub-branduri (CupioGels, Cupio To Go, Cupio One Step, Cupio Acryl DELUXE, CupioLash, Cupio Make-up Pro, Cupio ProDepil, Cupio in the City, Cupio Spa).

(ENG) This is my first books+make-up article and I wanted to start it with a very special brand for me, Cupio, a Romanian brand launched in 2012. For them, women are the most important by giving them the chance to fell pretty and wanted when using quality products. Up to date, they have more than 10.000 products in their portfolio, 10 stores, an online shop and 9 sub-brands (CupioGels, Cupio To Go, Cupio One Step, Cupio Acryl DELUXE, CupioLash, Cupio Make-up Pro, Cupio ProDepil, Cupio in the City, Cupio Spa).

Cupio Pink Beauty Blender

(RO) Pentru acest articol o sa va povestesc despre 2 produse primite de la ei, un beauty blender si un lip gloss mat. Beauty blender-ul este cel mai bun pe care il am pana in momentul de fata, deoarece datorita marimii si taieturilor sale permite o acoperire uniforma a fetei. Cu o textura foarte moale, care nu absoarbe produs sau apa, machiajul este impecabil. Pentru a-l scoate in evidenta, am facut o poza impreauna cu o carte. Este un produs foarte folositor ce nu trebuie sa lipseasca din trusa unei femei, indiferent de tipul de machiaj.

(ENG) For this article, I will share with you some very cute photos of 2 products, a beauty blender and a mat lip gloss. The beauty blender is the best I have ever used due to the size and various cuts which assures a good and uniform conceal. The texture is soft, doesn’t absorb product or water and in this way, the make up is flawless. For a glimpse of the little blender, I will let my pink book do the talking. Beautiful and handy product which has to be a must for every make up, no matter the time of day.

Book: “Five Days” by Douglas Kennedy 

Imagini pentru cupio chocolate bff(RO) Al doilea produs pe care l-am incercat este gloss-ul mat nuanta Chocolate BFF, un gloss pe care il recomand cu incredere datorita texturii, culorii si intensitatii pigmentului. Pentru a va face o parere, dupa o purtare de 6 ore tot am fost nevoita sa il dau jos cu demachiant… si am insistat ceva:) Produsul are si un ambalaj pe masura, #GetMetallic fiind o colectie indrazneata, care scoata femeia din zona de comfort si o ajuta sa se simta frumoasa si admirata. Aplicatorul in forma de lacrima ajuta foarte mult la aplicarea glosului, fara sa pierzi produs in momentul in care faci acest lucru.

(ENG) The second product is one of the best mat lip glosses I used in a while, mainly because of the texture, the color and the intensity of the pigment. It is called Chocolate BFF, with a mate touch, leaving your lips flawless, but without having to dry them. One major advantage is that it is extremely durable, having it on my lips for more than 6 hours and still having to remove it with make-up remover. Besides that, the exterior is extremely fashionable, #GetMetallic being such a step up collection, making you get out of your comfort zone, have a good time and enjoy it. The way you apply it is simple and without effort, because the tear drop share of the pen is very easy to use.

Book: “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov 

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