The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas

My rating: 4/5 stars

First, I have to confess something…I read the first 2 books from “This Man Series” and I didn’t like them one bit, mainly because of Jesse, who was not my cup of tea. He was extremely exaggerated and control freak and I just couldn’t connect with him. So her success series wasn’t successful for me😊 But “The Protector” was ok, more than ok actually and this is why my rating is 4/5 stars. Of course Jodie had to inflict in this book drama and tragedy, but it was something bearable, understandable, something that you could read and move on. And second, I chose this book because Passion Flix will turn it into a movie, so it must be good, right? 😊

So, Jake has been living for the past 4 years in misery, alcohol and women. After a tragic event that went on in his life, he needs to feel numb, to forget what he did, but also to convince himself that he deserves everything it is happening to him. He took the job as bodyguard only to keep himself busy, to have a distraction, in order not to feel, just to act and react. When he was assign to protect Camille, his universe shifted and something broke inside him. His mission wont’ be business anymore, it will be something personal, heart breaking and everlasting.

Imagini pentru protection and love

Camille is a shinning star, a model and entrepreneur in the fashion industry, extremely smart and bright. Even if she is only 25, she is extremely determined and knows exactly where her path is leading her. The problem is that few people know her, know what she is like and tend to judge the exterior, not the content. When Jake appears, even if their relationship will be very shaky and there will be times when patience is tested, Camille will feel she finally found someone who could see the real her. In exchange, she was the one who could see the real Jake, moving beyond the indifference and darkness in this eyes.

Their love story is intense and sweet, with a lot of sparkling moments that will define the future of this couple. With Jake having to protect Camille from an unknown enemy and the fact that he feels more and more drawn to her, his mission will be almost impossible and personal feelings will get in the way. Adding that her dad will be extremely against them will do nothing more than to add the “forbidden” element to the story.

I liked the way they completed each other, I also likes the beginning, when they mocked and got on each other nerves. It was fun to see the evolution but also the way the wall swere going down for both of them. This I think was the beauty of the book, putting 2 alike people in the same story and make them understand and afterwards love each other. It was a very bumpy ride, action packed, but it was a great story.

Jodi managed to calm this hero down, even if his past was shaky and full of drama, he could be saved by Camille in the most tender way. This book was not exaggerated, was not in a quick pace, it only showed the evolution of 2 people who meet and fall in love. The circumstances were not in their favor, but they had the gut to stand up and defend what was theirs. The 2 were extremely brave in the dangerous moments, but also very passionate and tender in the loving ones. So, I think it truly deserves 4 stars, because I liked it, I was entertain a lot with the plot and twists and besides that, I liked the matching of the heroes, the story suited them.


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