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(RO) Acest articol il voi dedica celor de la Melkior, insa nu vreau sa vorbim despre mai multe tipuri de produse, ci doar despre unul singur si anume OJAΒ πŸ™‚ Ador ojele cat mai frumos colorate si de fiecare data cand am ocazia imi cumpar muuuulte, construind o colectie chiar impresionanta. De ce sa te opresti doar la cateva nuante cand poti avea oricate doresti? Cred ca la fel au gandit si cei de la Melkior si au pus la dispozitia clientelor o gama extrem de diversa, cu nuante pentru toate gusturile si ocaziile.

(ENG) This article is dedicated to Melkior, but I am not going to talk about various types of products, only about one and this being nail polish. I love them and I like them to be as colorful as possible. I can’t never have enough nail polishes and my collection is wide and happy. Why stop at basic when you can have as many as you want? I think Melkior read our thoughts and designed polish after polish for all tastes, desires and occasions.Β Β 

Lovely, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

(RO) Va prezint colectia mea de oje, din colectii diferite ce-i drept, insa toate la fel de frumoase. Unele sunt mate, altele lucioase sau cu iz holografic, insa se pot accesoriza extrem de usor la orice tinuta. Doar trebuie sa ai imaginatie si sa stii ce sa faci cu ea:) Va las mai jos, de la stanga la dreapta, modelul de oja si link-ul, in cazul in care doriti si voi una dintre culorile mele:

(ENG) I present you my polish collection, they are not from the same collection, but nevertheless, they are extremely pretty. Shinny, matte or holo, you can accessorize them with any outfit, if you have the necessary imagination. From left to right, this are mine and I will leave you the link, if you want to try them:Β 

Art Yellow 4.5 ml, lucioasa >>

Art Red 4.5 ml, lucioasa >>

In love 4.5 ml, mata >>

Dangerous 4.5 ml, lucioasa >>

Sea fog 4.5 ml, lucioasa >>

Holograpink 4.5 ml, perlata >>

Blue Royal 4.5 ml, lucioasa >>

Art Blue 4.5 ml, lucioasa >>

Purpur 4.5 ml, perlata >>


(RO) Daca va intrebari de ce toate sunt in varianta mini (4.5ml), raspunsul este simplu. Sunt o persoana care se plictiseste foarte repede si ojele nu sunt o exceptie, asa ca mi-am cumparat de fiecare data o varianta mica, pentru a o termina repede. Daca nuanta aleasa imi place in mod deosebit, refill πŸ˜€ Recipientele mai mari fac oja sa se usuce si nu ma pricep foarte bine sa o diluez si sa o readuc la viata. Dar pentru persoanele cu gusturi mai statornice, exista si varianta de 15 ml.

Oja este extrem de rezistenta, cu sau fara top coat. Pentru unghiile mele sunt necesare 2 straturi, insa acum depinde si de consistenta ojei si de modul in care o aplici. Eu nu sunt extrem de priceputa, dar cred ca rezultatul final este durabil si aspectuos, chiar dupa incercarile mele uneori numeroase.

(ENG) If you are asking why I have only mini version (4.5ml), the answer is simple. I get bored very fast and polishes are no exception, so I buy only small quantities, to finish them properly and not get old in my cupboard. Large recipient dry the polish and I am extremely “NO” when bringing them back to life. But if you are more constant in tastes, all the colors come in 15 ml bottles, for long usage. The polish is extremely persistent, with or without top coat. For my nails 2 layers are more ok, but it depends on the consistency of the polish.

(RO) Daca am reusit sa va conving, fuga pe site-ul celor de la Melkior si spor la cumparaturi πŸ™‚

(ENG) Hope I was convincing enough, so happy shopping on Melkior πŸ™‚







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