Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco

My rating: 5/5 stars

For me this series was a true surprise, a fantastic read which I will miss. I started these books by thinking I will receive simply a thrilling experience, with police-like cases and detective vibes, but I received so much more. The characters were amazing, both good and bad, their development was visible and I got so attached that the ending really hurt. Audrey and Thomas will ever remain a power couple for me, one that I love dearly and will continue to find iconic for this genre.

In “Capturing the Devil“, the last book in the series was both personal and professional, if you want to put it that way, because it focuses a lot on Audrey and Thomas and their relationship. They put their feelings on second place for so long, that I think they really deserved a break from criminals and just enjoy their love. Their relationship was a twister of emotions, amazing scenes, funny dialogues and WOW moments, which will leave your heart melting for them. In terms of emotions and twists, this is the book to read when you want to feel an evolution in their relationship and see how much they grew up. It’s amazing to see them fully committed and in love.

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On the professional side, there is no room for the wicked and evil will be on their tail. It was more dark than any other book, because the “dark side” will hunt Audrey wherever she goes, affecting her stability and emotions. I can’t spoil much of the plot, but just consider the first book and don’t think we know the truth. Only know things will become full circle and Audrey and Thomas will begin to realize that all loose ends they left in England will come to follow them, searching to finish what the real criminal started. It was creepy, with a lot of explicit scenes, but at the end of the day, this series is not Romance, it’s Thriller.

Audrey was the main focus here. She evolved in such a fine lady, fierce and strong. Her eagerness to be independent will make her follow her heart but also her mind, and she will leave society rules aside in order to gain it. She needs to be seen and to show her capabilities, but also, she needs to be loved, rules be damned. The difference between Audrey Rose from Jack The Ripper and this Audrey Rose is visible and it can be admire in all of her splendor, because she is truly a remarkable character to watch. I was blown away by her courage and strength and amazed by her new perspective.

Thomas was a whole new character in this book, more vulnerable but in the same time more ahead and outspoken, ready to face anything in order to have Audrey. This Thomas was bolder, more passionate and managed to surprise me with this attitude and suggestions, which implied that even at the age of 18, when you want something, you don’t sit and wait, you go and get it for yourself. I liked this discovery and Thomas was really surprising.

Concluding, read the series and focus on this book, a wonderful conclusion to what Audrey and Thomas have been fighting for. Their courage and love will eventually be rewarded, but the journey will take some time. Be patient, the outcome will be satisfying. πŸ™‚

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