The Harbinger series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 5/5 stars

I will try to write a review for the whole series, because it is simple this way. I’ve read all the series back to back and hardly breathing, so it would be hard for me to tell you what happened in book 1, 2 and 3… 🙂 So, here goes nothing.

Well, I can’t believe I will say it, but I really, truly, liked Zayne. Some time ago, after finishing “The Dark Elements” series, Zayne was NO for me. I didn’t like the way he acted towards Layla, even though I understood he was heart broken. I don’t know, maybe I was into Roth more and couldn’t see the secondary characters better, but now, after leaving some space between the series, I could actually visualize the males individually, each for their pros and cons. BUT, I will return to Zayne in some minutes, first, the plot. 🙂

Trinity is half human, half angel, a Trueborn or Nephilim (but she doesn’t like that word). She was raised to go against her nature and not use her most powerful weapon – her grace. Being the last of her kind, nobody has to know she is out there, or the demons will come to finish the job. Her mother died protecting her, so she is a very powerful person, which in the wrong hands might lead to destruction. She was raised between Wardens, and because of her nature, she has to have a Protector, bonded to her in the most powerful way. That guy would be Misha.

By the way, in this series, there will be so many Supernatural influences, that any fan will be star struck. I strongly believe the name Misha is after Misha Collins, the actor who plays Castiel in the series. Sorry for the detour. So, Trinity needs protection, needs to stay safe and not use her grace. BUT, when things happen in a bad way, she will meet Zayne, and they will instantly get along. There will be a flash connection between them, something very hard to explain or to put into words. Beginning with attraction and ending in understanding, comfort but also fury, Zayne and Trinity will have no choice but to stay together. At first, they needed to, afterwards, they wanted to. 🙂 Even if they infuriate each other or fight a lot, Zayne and Layla will be very strong as a couple, a whole in this dramatic world full of evil. Their love will be the key of keeping everyone safe.

Trinity was such a big character, so impulsive and funny, it actually reminded me of Alex from “The Covenant” series. She learnt all her life to hide her impulses, go against her nature and just try to blend in, that when the time comes, she will struggle to make things right. She can see ghosts, has an eye condition which is really affecting her vision and has super fighting skills. She was trained her whole life in case demons or other supernatural beings come for her, and she was really good at it. I liked Trinity, because she is fierce and strong and always wants to keep it together. She was her problems and past issues with her father, but she won’t let that define her. I loved her relationship with Zayne, the way she wanted him, but also resisted much at a certain point.
I really didn’t liked her in the second book, because she over analyzed the situation, thinking it all over and driving me crazy. She will tend to underestimated her intelligence and abilities, but she is strong and with so much courage, that I don’t know how she does it. She knows she is important, but has no idea just how much.

Zayne was a pleasant surprise. I really liked him and all this story Jennifer crafter for him. From Warden to Protector and to sooo much more than that, Zayne had a major role in this plot, united with Trinity in a very intensive way. He is not shy anymore, he is a very confident and funny guy, good to the core. Even if after his father passing, he didn’t want to lead the DC Clan, Zayne has leader abilities like no other. He is faithful and full of courage, happily dying for Trinity if he was to. Maybe I don’t remember 100% The Dark Elements series, but I think Zayne and Trinity were more intense than Roth and Layla, having this angelic connection that couldn’t be explained. After all that happened, Zayne managed to be the leading hero I think everyone was looking towards to seeing.

Speaking of Roth and Layla, they will be a huge part of the books, and I loved every minute of it. I missed Roth’s ironic style and Layla’s tenderness. Roth and Zayne’s relationship will evolve and we could actually see the way the interact and form a kind of friendship/ bromance, but totally leaving aside what they shared in the first series. Zayne will realize so much about demons and his role as a Warden, and because of that, it was impossible for him to return and act as he used to. The relationship between Zayne and Layla will be interesting and you will love the outcome.

We will also see Bambi (!!), Cayman and lots of witches, demons and angel. Our characters will fight to keep the Harbinger for fulfilling his wishes of global destruction and they will stop at nothing to prevent it. Death will not always seem like it, powers will be amplified and plots will take your breath away. I died a little inside at the end of each chapter, because the way they were structured made you want to read another one, and another one, until there is nothing left to read about. It was intense, dramatic, funny, unpredictable, sad and I loved every minute of it. I’ve read it fast, because I wanted to capture it as a whole and I think Jennifer did a wonderful job, as always.

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