Fall by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 5/5 stars

I’ve begun reading this series a couple of year ago and instantly fell in love with Kristen’s world. Even if rock stars are not my personal favorite, this world had much more to it, felt very real and the problems the characters were facing were real and relatable. I began with Killian, fallen in love with Gabriel and stumbled upon John, who totally ruined me and made me realize so many things.

John/Jax Blackwood is the funding member of Kill John, as per his name implies. He is like a brother to Killian and together started this band with so much hope and talent. But, with fame black things come to life and John felt overwhelmed. As you know, John is the member of the band who tried to commit suicide and his actions affected all his mates. Killian was the most marked by it and you know his story from “Idol”. Now, this is John’s chance to tell us his story and to let us a little in his head. Even if he didn’t succeed with the attempt, John feels empty inside, considers his love for music is no more and besides that, doesn’t have any interest in falling in love, because he is not worthy of anyone. The night before a blizzard, Stella Grey steals his mint chocolate chip ice cream right front in front of him and in the process, his heart as well. Now John will have the difficult mission of letting Stella in, but also keeping her forever.

The story, although at the beginning felt very long, it was meant to be that way. I loved it, felt it in my bones and connected so much with the characters. You know what? I think everybody needs to read this book to understand where they are in life and to get up and start living. I’ve had issues of my own, health issues that seem dramatic at a low point, but when reading what suffering and anxiety looks like, I really can’t afford crying like a baby and feel sorry for myself anymore. There are people out there who really need help, really need guidance and love and trust and when you compare your issues with theirs, there cannot be a comparison. But don’t compare, act and own your life, even if you think you are broken, nobody is perfect.

John is really a role model for me, because he is talented and a really nice guy. Some might say he has it all, but he needs just one thing to make him whole – Stella. Even though he resisted at first, Stella entered his life, a real Star Girl in disguise and rearranged his perspective. He doesn’t need casual sex or hookups, he needs love, compassion, trust and a lot of patience, somebody to believe in him and hold on. I loved their chemistry, their interactions, their ironic comments and dialogues, but most of all, their compatibility. It was written loud and clear and even they were facing it, but not totally accepting it. John had real issued which need to be solved, thoughts that needed to go gentle on him and getting love into perspective was not easy for him, but it came kind of natural with this women.

I loved Stella and I considered her stellar, a true girl, with a lot of battled faced in life. Her mother died, her father abandoned her and without any friends, she had to manage. She is a “professional help”, trying to be there for somebody when nobody was there for her. It’s very sad, but considering her life, it’s admirable. She didn’t put up with John’s personality, being very feisty and witty, but together they rocked, complementing each other and adding something new into the scenario.

I loved the plot, the world, the accent put on this type of issues and on mental health. It is important, it’s not a myth or something made up, it’s real and it’s making people suffer or worst, lose their lives. This is why it’s so important to not let our problems take a hold of us and ask for help, because there are people who can help us see the light we were searching for. In my current state of mind, this book was exactly what I needed to get up and fight, because if I let it get ahold of me, it might be too late.

A wonderful read and I recommend the whole series. 🙂

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