The Aristocrat by Penelope Ward 

My rating: 5/5 stars

I missed Penelope so much and her new book seemed different, but I couldn’t be 100% sure only by reading the plot, I had to read the book entirely.

The Aristocrat” is not a very complex book, but the message and its essence is so strong, you understand immediately what was Penelope’s purpose. You know, a lot of reviews don’t work because every time they highlight the plot and not the message. Well, here it’s loud and clear what you need to understand – put your duties second and live for yourself and for the person you love, take chances and don’t be afraid, because you cannot turn back time and change your mistakes and actions. It’s not a clisee or a love song, it’s an actual fact which I approve of.

Leo and Felicity defined love at first sight in this book, 2 characters coming from different worlds who had no chance being apart. I loved their open minds and the way they interacted both in funny situations and intense ones. Their sincerity with one another and they passion was very well built and I loved that there were no secrets between them, even if “forbidden” was written all over.

I loved the way the plot was going, I almost cried when realizing how cruel fate can be when the timing is not right but I also understood the power and the effects of waiting too long for a thing you crave for.

This story is about people who learnt to take a chance and got what they wanted or for people who are still waiting for their second chance. This book is a journey and I devoured it in about a day, because I couldn’t leave it aside. It’s sexy, romantic, funny and heartbreaking, all in a beautiful story with beautiful people. READ IT!!!!!

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